Welcome to Tony D's

Man Cave Remodel    


Turn the old basement into your Macked Out Man Cave





My name is Anthony DiLauro.


For the last 20 years my life has been primarily focused in two areas: home improvements, and rock 'n' roll.


I started out with a paint brush, and perhaps like you, over the years I have accumulated a good number of tools, and the skills to put them to good use.


Perhaps unlike you, I have time and inclination to construct a living space that meets your specific needs.

Some of my friends have mad skills too, with carpentry, electric, counter tops, lighting, sound, most areas of construction and remodeling. Anything it takes to build a zone that will help you keep your sanity intact with your unique style and taste, or lack thereof.


For every guy its something a little different. It could be any of the following:


A place where you can escape the job, the wife, the whatever, and find your own personal decompression zone.

Although you can actually invite any of the above, on your terms.


A place to have friends over for a beer, watch a game, watch a movie, play guitar hero, get the band back together, or do whatever it is you like to do when the clock is not ticking.


I take the same approach as with my music. Its all about the good times, but its only a good time when you get it right.


So, as I like to say:

Enough thinking about it, let's get it done.




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